We begin the project by gaining a full understanding of your design objectives and aesthetic goals through extensive consultations with your staff. After numerous discussions and planning, several of our team members will obtain detailed field measurements of your location.

Field measurements from the project site along with the analysis of the desired results are used by our engineers and CAD system operators to produce detailed project specifications and drawings.

Project specifications give detailed information regarding materials and methods of work for a particular construction project. The drawings and project specifications are parallel and compliment the final results.

When it comes to designing an Internal or External feature that magnify the appearance and raise the profile of any building; AMG total service solutions
including design, manufacture and installation.

With many years of experience in the architectural glass and metal industry, AMG 
can transform almost any concept into a practical cost effective solution.

Our expertise covers all types of projects using metal and glass, including the structural use of these materials and offering a full range of finishes. AMG provides the complete professional service covering a wide range of installations typified by Canopies, Balustrades, Staircases, Lift enclosures etc, and Structural or framed glazing systems.

Our success depends on our ability to fully meet all of our clients' design and aesthetic goals. Our team of sales representatives may always be called upon to provide assistance with specifications, details, or any other issue that may arise with your project. Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality, backed by the most responsive level of service.

At AMG we understand that the nature of our work is highly visible and thus the end result must possess a stunning visual impact.

Our fabricating solutions include:

Advanced Mission Glass
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